Your Health is U

12u12, a digital health platform that simplifies selfcare for you and your family.

Our Vision

To make healthcare affordable and selfcare effective for everyone.

Our Mission

2 billion people in the world suffer from at least one chronic disease. Many are able to identify triggers and return to wellness naturally. Our mission is to help users identify their triggers speedily and empower them to improve the effectiveness of their selfcare. To achieve this, we have developed the best tracking tool for users to store and organize symptom episodes, activity events, and exposures to potential triggers, as well as to receive timely actionable feedback.

Our Approach

Maximize Users’ Data Accuracy

Garbage in, garbage out. The accuracy of the information users enter determines the time it takes to identify potential triggers and the likelihood that the triggers are real. We create tools that allow users to double-check before storing their data, and alert users for potential errors.

Ensure Our Data Accuracy

More garbage in, more garbage out. We believe living organisms are bags of chemical reactions. The concentrations and the types of materials in the bags determine the intensity of the reactions. The intense reactions may result in certain symptoms. Materials can be foods, supplements, medicines, air pollution, personal care products, etc.

We build a comprehensive and accurate product ingredient database so that we can tally up each material, possibly from various sources, the users put in their “bags”. We continuously update our product ingredient database with the latest data we find on the internet, or provided by the manufacturers, or product data contributed by our users. In addition, we improve its accuracy through AI and big data.

Deliver Actionable Information

Circle of good karmas. Receiving accurate timely information allows users to adjust their selfcare to meet their health goals. Leveraging the data our users store in our system, we analyze big data from our user community, factor in published scientific information, then apply the findings back to each individual user’s data. We alert users if we detect potential triggers.

We also alert users should we detect potential overdoses in medicine or exposure to recalled products. Our daily up-to-the minute dashboard on total calorie consumed and burned, as well as total nutrient intake allow users to act as they see fit.

Make Services Affordable

Win-Win. Users contribute product information and gain points that can be used on our paid services. We clean the contributed data, add to our database, and make the information available to the whole 12u12 community.

Protect Your Privacy

Guided by our privacy principles, we avoid and minimize collecting or storing any personal ID information such as details on government issued ID, financial accounts, credit card, home and work addresses. This information is not needed for our trigger seeking algorithm. The closest personally identifiable information relevant for our algorithm is the birth month and year as the wellness and selfcare factors affecting 1-month old babies are significantly different from those for 5-month, 10-month or 18-month-old babies, for example.

Users are encouraged to use fake names for their 12u12 accounts. Our communication with our users are mainly through the inbox within our app. However, we do email to the users their requested reports, and their phone numbers are required if they choose to enter data through chat or messenger apps.

We Are Proud

12u12 is a Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) status company; also known as the Malaysia Digital Status company. This is a prestigious status awarded by the Malaysian Government to about 2700 companies in Malaysia in recognition of our commitment to the national technological advancement.