Effective Selfcare

  • From Pharmaceuticals to Medicinal Foods + Selfcare

  • From Treating Sickness to Maintaining Wellness

  • Empowering you to better manage the health of you and your family!

  • Simple design for fast adaptation and speedy data entry, soon you could be a pro on the 12u12 app!

  • One app for all symptoms and all potential triggers!


Pain, rash, itch, weight, temperature, and many more. 1500+ symptoms covering you from head to toe, in and out.


Foods, supplements, personal care products, medicines, activities, environment, and more. If we missed any, help us fill the gaps!

Fast Entry

Simple design for fast adaptation and speedy data input, including a one-click entry for little Bobby or Alice!

Multi-User Interface

One entry for everyone at the dinner table! Same account for everyone, even Fluffy, Meow, Whoofy, and not to forget your favorite pet plant, Flora. Ready to leave the nest? Just create a new account, transfer historical data, and continue your selfcare journey from there.

Actionable Feedback

Daily dashboards summarize calorie intake and burn, food, allergen and chemical exposures, completed physical activities, nutrient intake, and symptom trends. Optimize the rest of the day to achieve your health targets. 

DIY Analysis

Plot any symptom against a potential trigger to see if you can spot a trend. Want further analysis? Export your data to your favorite analysis tools.

Share Experience

Dos and Don’ts from our user community who are going through the same challenges as you.

Healthy Diet Healthy You++

Allergen-free balanced diet for a healthy you and your family. Simple meal planner with 35+ nutrients at a glance. Easy steps to remove or add items to achieve optimal and allergen-free meals for everyone at the table.

Trigger Seeking Algorithm

Leveraging big data from the 12u12 user base, our trend-finding algorithm analyzes your data and ranks potential triggers for your symptoms. The more accurate the data you enter, the faster and more accurate ranking you will get!

Free, Free, More Free!

No subscription fee, no cost to export your data, and feel free to contact us!


This is the chance for you to be Mickey Mouse, Cinderella or King Charles. Use any name you prefer to stay anonymous. We do not track IP.

App Introduction

App Overview

First Come First Serve

The app is free. To ensure quality, membership for the initial releases will be by invitation only. Interested? Click the invitation button below to receive notification when the 12u12 memberships become available.